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Tree Care

Easy Lawn Offers a Wide Variety of Tree Care Options

Spring Insect and Disease Preventative Spraying

This is a series of two preventative fungicide and insecticide sprayings with the first occurring in early May (exact date depending on environmental factors) and the second two weeks later.  Evergreen trees (especially pines) are helped by preventing diseases such as dothistroma needle blight and diplodia tip blight.  We spray fruit trees at this same time to prevent common diseases such as cedar apple rust.

Iron Chlorosis

Iron injection at the base of the tree.  Turn your tree from an unhealthy yellow to a healthy dark green.

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle is a new pest to this area and it is here with a vengeance. We have several means of control, such as pre and post infestation injection and spraying.  Unfortunately, because of the unbelievably high numbers of the beetle, no method will give you 100% control, and will probably require multiple applications.

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer is coming and may be closer than we know.   Luckily, we have the products to help your ash tree fight them off.  Our injection treatments last two years and then will need to be injected again until EAB has moved through the area. Get on our list now so you will be ready!